Few Outstanding Yoga Poses for kids to keep them calm and stress-free!

Few Outstanding Yoga Poses for kids to keep them calm and stress-free!

As much as Yoga is essential for adults, it's proven to be beneficial for kids as well. Every parent must try and introduce the concept of Yoga to their children and kids. Yoga has been helping individuals to deal with stress and anxiety and has been an effective stress buster too, it helps cure depression. The society we are living in is prone to panic attacks and depression, so much that it hasn't even left the poor kids. Especially pandemic has seemed to do a lot of damage to a child's mental and physical health and that's why it's essential to have them in motion. According to a study published by Harvard, approximately 8 % of all the children practice Yoga, some of which are in school.

Warrior pose: This pose works great for immunity building, stamina, and release of negative emotions.

For this pose, you are required to place your feet wide and step one foot forward. Lunge forward with your forward leg such that your knee faces outward while your backward leg remains stretched backward. Your hands are stretched too, pointing in opposite directions, one forward and the other backward

Downward-facing Dog pose: This pose works great for stretching muscles and releasing tension.

For this, you are required to stand with your feet wide apart and bend forward and lean to the ground via the support of your palms. Your hips are pointed upwards, your head is facing downwards, and your palms support your upper body.

Happy baby pose: This pose requires you to lie down on your mat such that you bring your knees close to your chest and they are folded. Your hands try to touch your toes while you remain balled up. Hold this pose for a few minutes as it helps to calm down nerves. That's how babies calm themselves.

Tree pose: This pose enables you to incorporate balance and focus.For this pose, you are required to stand on a Yoga mat first. Lift your one leg and bring it to touch it to another. Your hands are stretched above your head in a namaskar position while your feet touch the kneecap of another leg.

Sleeping pose: This is the best pose to end your Yoga session. All you have to do is lie on a mat with your hands by your side. Inhale deep breaths while your eyes remain shut. This is one of the most calming postures of Yoga that can ensure instant relief from stress and anxiety and calm down your nagging kid.

A short and brief information has been provided above regarding the effective yoga postures that can help calm a child's mind. Methods and their benefits, both have been mentioned above. Go through the poses and ensure that your kid follows them.